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Terms of Saving Plans

Current savings Rule

  • No minimum and maximum savings limits

  • The duration of each deposit is 1-30 days, free to choose

  • Consistent annual rate of return, regardless of the date of savings

  • A savings order may be cancelled at any time. If the order is cancelled before maturity, the interest on the deposit will be forfeited

  • Calculation formula of interest return to maturity: principal *(annualized rate of return /365 days * Number of saving days)

Fixed savings Rule

  • No minimum and maximum savings limits

  • The duration of each deposit is 90 days /180 days /365 days

  • The longer the savings date, the higher the annual rate of return

  • Interest and principal can only be received after the savings order matures

  • Calculation formula of interest return to maturity: principal *(corresponding annualized rate of return /365 days * Number of saving days)


Purchasing Process:

  1. Deposit cryptocurrency into your BITHON wallet

  2. Click into “Saving Plan” to choose the types of cryptocurrency, amount of cryptocurrency, and deposit period

  3. The saved cryptocurrency will be freezed and start interest accrual

  4. Withdraw the Principal and Interest at maturity

Cancellation of Fixed Savings: Normally, cancellation of fixed savings is not allowed. Unless the user can provide reasonable reasons, BITHON will approve the cancellation at its discretion. If the user cancels the fixed saving order, he/she will lose the interest on the deposit and be subject to a penalty of 5% of the principal.

Use of Assets:

The digital assets that users deposit into their savings plans will be applied to BITHON's businesses, including mortgages, quantitative transactions, currency exchanges, over-the-counter transactions and more.

Risk Disclosure:

  • Savings plan products should not be viewed as substitutes for bank savings or deposits. The Savings scheme product is not covered by the Deposit Protection Scheme in any way.

  • The rate of return on interest is subject to adjustment from time to time.

  • Trading in digital assets involves extremely high risk and digital assets are traded around the clock. Before making deposits, users should determine the appropriateness of placing digital assets in fixed income products based on their knowledge, expertise, financial position and risk appetite.

  • Extreme market conditions, such as price fluctuations, lead users to withdraw large amounts of certain digital assets. This may affect normal use of the BITHON platform and may affect users' ability to extract their digital assets "in real time."

  • Any information provided by BITHON with respect to the Products, including but not limited to the application, website, order system and product pages, does not constitute an offer to sell or an invitation to buy to residents of the United States, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Singapore or any other country or territory where such offer or invitation is prohibited by law.

  • While investing can bring profit opportunities, every investment product or service has potential risks. Due to the rapid changes in the market, the buying and selling prices of investment products may not rise or fall and the fluctuation amplitude may not be as expected. Your capital may increase or decrease due to the buying and selling of investment products. The price of investing in digital assets may rise or fall, or even become worthless. As a result, you may not receive any return on your investment in digital assets. Due to market conditions, some investments may not be immediately convertible back into cash.

  • The investment decision is your own, but you should not invest in the product unless the intermediary has explained to you at the time of sale that the product is suitable for you after considering your financial position, investment experience and objectives. Before making any investment decision, customers should assess their own financial position, investment objectives and experience, willingness and ability to tolerate risks, and understand the nature and risks of the products concerned. Investing involves risk. Please read and learn more about the relevant digital assets, including their risk factors. 

  • If you have any questions regarding this risk disclosure Statement, the nature and risks involved in the transaction or the Fund, you should seek the advice of your independent financial adviser.

Security Control:

BITHON protects your money through ISO27001 bank-level system security management, coupled with real-time pledge rate monitoring, a comprehensive risk control system and an efficient clearing process. In addition, BITHON's professional asset management team will operate around the clock to ensure robust interest returns for users.

Handling of violation

If the digital assets stored in the account are found to have come from a suspicious address or are suspected of being the proceeds of criminal offences, the BITHON will have the right to freeze the assets for investigation. If verified, the assets will be handed over to the police for follow-up processing and the savings interest will be cancelled.



If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

In case of any dispute, BITHON GROUP LIMITED reserves the right of final decision.

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