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BITHON Is a cryptocurrency payment platform launched in 2022. Our platform provides one-stop cryptocurrency payment, commodity trading ,new retail management and digital asset management services to merchants and the public.

Cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular in Hong Kong in recent years, with more people starting to hold and invest in them. According to the FIS survey, 35% of Hong Kong people plan to use digital currency as a payment method in the next five years. Therefore, we hope to provide more payment options for merchants and the general public in Hong Kong through BITHON cryptocurrency payment platform. Our mobile app will provide functions such as P2P and P2B commodity trading, online and offline cryptocurrency payment, cryptocurrency exchange, savings and transfer. We hope to promote the development of cryptocurrencies in Hong Kong so that more people can accept and use cryptocurrencies. Our R & D team is young, energetic and creative, aiming to create a new generation of digital asset living economy.

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Hong Kong is the starting point of BITHON. We look forward to providing over 300,000 merchants and over 7 million citizens in Hong Kong with the lowest cost, the most convenient, the most creative and the most fun cryptocurrency payment. Buying and selling through the Bithon platform will give you a taste of future business models that are different from traditional money systems.

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