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OTC Shop Referral Scheme



OTC Shop Referral Scheme is organized by BITHON to select reliable, secure and reputable OTC cryptocurrency shop in the local market through thorough and rigorous vetting. OTC shop provides the best and most comprehensive cryptocurrency cash exchange options for BITHON's users. Approved shops can advertise on the platform without any listing fees or transaction sharing.

8 Major Audit Metrics


Creation date




Daily turnover


No Application Fee

Application Process

1. OTC shops who wish to apply for the scheme must first download the App and register an account.

2. Then click the below button “Apply to the scheme” to conduct online application.

3. We will review all the information submitted by the applicant and may conduct telephone or field visits to understand the business operation of the applicant.

4. After collecting enough information, the approval will be finished within 5 days generally, and notific the approval result via email. We will create an advertisement in BITHON app for the successful applicant.

5. The approved OTC shops can edit their advertisement via their BITHON account in anytime and anywhere

6. We will inspect the operation of advertisements or OTC shops from time to time. If the advertising content of OTC shops is found to be incorrect, misrepresentation or improper operation, we have the right to disqualification and remove their advertising.

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