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The latest payment method helps you explore more business opportunity 


Benefits of crypto payments


Fast Payment 

No need to provide complex information like credit card number and full name. Finish the payment in one second by scanning the payment QR code inside the store.

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New Customers

The crypto users would love to try new things and have high purchasing power, which you should not miss out!



By using cryptocurrency, cash flow processing is more flexible, and holding it has a very high appreciation potential.


Big Deal

Paying by cryptocurrency helps you finish the transaction in one second regardless of the transaction amount. 

Why to join BITHON?

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ID&Shop Verification

Required for large transactions

Prevent bad behavior

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Zero Payment Fee


Buyers no need to pay any fee


Digital Asset Security

ISO27001Bank-level System

​AML Detection System


Service Assurance

Deal with trade disputes

Instant customer service

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Other Platforms


Become an Official Merchant

Get a 500 USDT

Promoting credit

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Have a question about BITHON's services?
Check Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Cryptocurrency? 什麼是虛擬貨幣?
    Cryptocurrencies, (or cryptocurrencies, digital currencies and virtual currencies,) are a new medium of exchange in this generation. Cryptocurrencies are not legal tender issued by governments (central banks), unlike the Hong Kong dollar and THE U.S. dollar that we use regularly. Instead, they use blockchain technology to create decentralized and untamable features through cryptography to ensure the security of their transactions and control the establishment of trading units. 加密貨幣貨幣,或稱密碼貨幣、數字貨幣、虛擬貨幣,是一種新世代的交易媒介。不像你我平常使用的港幣、美金等法定貨幣,加密貨幣並非各國政府(中央銀行)發行的法定貨幣,而是透過密碼學原理,利用區塊鏈技術創造出去中心化和不可被竄改的特性,以確保其交易的安全性,並控制交易單位的建立。
  • How can I use BITHON to pay in a physical store? 我怎樣使用幣坊在門店付款?
    Method 1: Users can scan the official BITHON payment code inside the store and enter the amount of payment, then confirm the order and finish the payment with safety verification. Method 2: Users can show your pay code for the store to scan. It is necessary to negotiate the amount of crypto currency that you are going to pay with the store. Notify the store if you have any problems. 方法1:用戶可以在幣坊官方認證的門店內掃瞄付款碼,然後輸入要付款的虛擬貨幣數量,再點選下一步進行訂單確認和利用安全認證完成付款。 方法2:向商戶展示你的付款碼,商戶會掃描你的付款完成收款,付款前後你須與商戶協商好所支付的加密貨幣數量,如有錯誤,通知商戶更正。
  • How do I deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency? 我如何進行充值和提現加密貨幣?
    Top-up/Deposit: After creating your account, you can deposit your digital assets into your account or wallet. The address will be provided by us. After you complete the withdrawal procedure from the original wallet to the address of the wallet, you need to submit your top-up record to the BITHON for verification. After depositing digital assets into your account, you can start to conduct transactions, transfers and exchanges on the platform. Withdraw: You can withdraw the digital assets in your BITHON account or BITHON wallet to your other digital asset wallet. We will conduct withdrawal procedures according to the digital assets you choose to withdraw, the amount, the type of main network, and the wallet address provided. Users need to perform triple authentication when withdrawing cash to ensure the security of digital asset transfer. 充值:在創建您的幣坊帳號後,您可以將數字資產存入您的幣坊帳戶或幣坊錢包中,地址由我們提供。您於原本的錢包完成提現程序到幣坊錢包地址後,您需要向幣坊提交你的充值記錄作為核實之用。將數字資產存入您的帳戶後,您可以開始在幣坊平台上進行交易,轉帳和兌換等操作。 提現:您可以將幣坊帳戶或幣坊錢包內的數字資產提現到您的其他數字資產錢包中,我們將根據您所選擇提現的數字資產,數量,主網類型,和提供的錢包地址等資料進行提現程序。用戶在提現時,需要進行三重驗證,保障數字資產轉移時的安全性。
  • How can I conduct a promotion on BITHON? 我如何在幣坊上進行廣告宣傳?
    Users are able to make advertisements on BITHON to expand their reach. Advertising patterns are based on the current posting and sorting rules and standards of charges in BITHON. Please refer to the app display. Users are able to buy the services by the digital assets within the BITHON wallet, including Ad space, prioritized Ads, and pop-in Ads. 您可在幣坊平台上投放廣告,將您的商店/刊登商品或網頁投放在平台中的不同廣告位置以提升曝光率,方式係依據幣坊現行的刊登及排序規則與收費標準進行,請參閱流動應用程式。你可使用幣坊錢包內的數字資產購買特定服務,包括付費使用廣告位、優先排序功能,廣告彈窗等。
  • What are the benefits of using cryptocurrency for payment? 使用虛擬貨幣進行收付款有什麼好處?
    1. Easy and quick payment: no need to provide the credit card number, full name and other complicated information, just scan the QR code, and can easily complete the payment in one second! 2. Attract new customers: In recent years, the virtual currency boom has swept Hong Kong. The demand for payment with virtual currency is growing day by day. 3. Currency appreciation potential: accepting virtual currency instead of traditional legal tender, cash flow processing is more flexible, and holding virtual currency has very high appreciation potential, doubling the income at any time. 4. Convenient large transaction: no matter how big the transaction limit, the virtual currency payment can be completed in seconds, get rid of the traditional bank limit, the most suitable for doing big business for you! 1.簡單快捷付款:無需提供信用卡卡號、全名等繁瑣的資料,只需掃瞄QR code,一秒便能簡單完成付款! 2.吸引新顧客:近年虛擬貨幣熱潮席捲香港,虛擬貨幣付款需求日益增長,該客戶群體敢於嘗試新東西,購買力高,絕不容錯過。 3.幣價升值潛力:以接受虛擬貨幣取代傳統法定貨幣,現金流處理更靈活,而且持有虛擬貨幣具有十分高的升值潛力,隨時收入翻倍。 4.方便大額交易:無論多大的交易額度,使用虛擬貨幣付款都能秒速完成轉帳,擺脫傳統銀行的種種額度限制,最適合做大生意的你!
  • Is cryptocurrency legal in Hong Kong? 虛擬貨幣在香港合法嗎?
    In Hong Kong, it is legal to trade the Cryptocurrency and digital assets. The HKMA defines Cryptocurrency as a virtual commodity instead of fiat currency. Among the growing and developing digital assets market, we agree that market supervision is necessary. BITHON also expects that the legality of digital assets in Hong Kong will be increased so that more investors will have interests to involve the digital assets market and enjoy the benefits of high-ended technology. 在香港,虛擬貨幣或數字資產是可以合法買賣的,香港金融管理局將虛擬貨幣視為虛擬商品而非法定貨幣。但隨著數字資產市場的蓬勃發展,我們認為相關的市場監管是需要的。幣坊亦期望數字資產在香港合法性能提高,讓平台能夠配合香港法例經營得更加穩健,令更多新的投資者可以參與到數字資產市場,感受新科技帶來的轉變。
  • Do I need to pay the tax on the cryptocurrency income obtained from BITHON? 在幣坊獲得虛擬貨幣收入是否需要繳稅?
    Cryptocurrency is a virtual good under the current laws of Hong Kong and not a currency with legal tender status. However, tax obligations are usually imposed regardless of the medium used. There are multiple regulations in many different regions around the world that impose tax liabilities on income, sales, wages, investment harvests or other forms of income related to digital assets. 虛擬貨幣在香港現行法例下屬於虛擬物品,而不是一種具有法定貨幣地位的貨幣,不過,通常不論使用的媒介是什麽,納稅義務都是需要承擔的。在世界各地很多不同的地區都有多種法規規定與數字資產有關的收入、銷售、工資、投資收成或其他形式的收益都有納稅義務。
  • How will price fluctuations in cryptocurrency affect the value of my sales? 虛擬貨幣的價格波動會如何影響我的銷售收入價值?
    the seller accepts the virtual currency as payment, it is equivalent to accepting the consequences of price fluctuations. If there is an increase in the price of the currency charged, the relative income increases, and vice versa. Of course, compared with bitcoin and Ether, which are highly volatile currencies, we tend to recommend sellers to use USDT or USDC as payment collection options, because the long-term exchange rate of this kind of virtual currency against the US dollar effectively avoid the impact of virtual currency price fluctuations on sales revenue. 倘若賣家接受以虛擬貨幣作為收款,則等同接受其價格波動帶來的後果。如果所收取的幣種價格出現上升,則收入相對增加,反之亦然。當然,相比起比特幣和以太幣這些波動性大的幣種,我們會較傾向推薦賣家以美元穩定幣USDT或USDC作為收款選擇,因為該類虛擬貨幣與美元長期保持1兌1的匯率,能夠有效避免了虛擬貨幣價格波動對銷售收入的影響。
  • How do I convert my digital assets back into cash? 如何將我幣坊帳戶內的數字資產兌換回現金?
    Users can exchange their digital assets in their BITHON accounts for legal tender (HK dollar/RMB/US dollar) through third-party OTC dealers. 用戶可透過第三方場外交易商將其幣坊帳戶內的數字資產兌換成法定貨幣(港元/人民幣/美元)。
  • Can I apply for a refund after I buy something in BITHON? 我在幣坊購買東西後可以申請退款嗎?
    Buyer may apply for a refund for all paid orders, and if Seller approves buyer's refund request, all paid digital assets will be automatically refunded to Buyer's account within seven (7) days; After the refund, all promotional discounts and rewards applied to the order will automatically expire. If the buyer and seller fail to reach an agreement on refund, they can contact our customer service personnel to investigate and refund manually. There will be no refund service fee. 買家可以為其所有已付款訂單申請退款,倘若賣家通過買家之退款請求,所有已支付的數字資產將於七(7)天內自動退還至買家的帳戶內;退款後所有適用於該訂單的促銷折扣,獎賞回贈均會自動失效。倘若買賣雙方未能就退款事宜達成協商,即可透過聯絡本公司客戶服務員介入調查並進行人工退款。幣坊不會收取退款手續費。
  • How does BITHON protect the sellers and buyers? 幣坊如何保障買賣雙方?
    BITHON will deduct the amount of the relevant order from the available balance of the buyer's wallet when the buyer makes the payment, and deposit it into the seller's holding frozen wallet, and the seller cannot use the money before the buyer confirms receipt of the goods. If the seller fails to deliver, the buyer can apply for a refund. This mechanism can completely put an end to the situation that bad sellers do not deliver after receiving payment. In addition, BITHON has an identity authentication system to ensure the authenticity of buyers and sellers. When there is any dispute in the transaction, BITHON can help to follow up. 幣坊會在買家付款時從買家的錢包可用餘額中扣除相關訂單的金額,並存入賣家的持倉凍結錢包,在買家沒有確認收貨之前,賣家也無法動用該筆款項。如果賣家最終未能交貨,買家可以申請退款。該機制能夠徹底杜絕不良賣家收款後不交貨的情況。另外,幣坊設有身份認證制度,能確保買賣雙方真實性。當交易出現任何糾紛,幣坊都能協助跟進。
  • Which types of products are banned to sell and buy in BITHON? 有什麼商品是不能在幣坊上售賣的?
    List of banned products/services: 1. Illegal political product and publication 2. Illegal political program 3. National classified materials 4. Vulgar audio, channel and publication 5. Vulgar service 6. Gambling 7.Gamble equipment and accessory 8. Lottery ticket 9. Drug and associated fittings 10. Any type of weapons (including knife, gun and associated fittings, imitation gun, explosives) 11. Military equipment 12. Proceeds derived and assets from illegal activities 13. Toxic substance or hazardous chemicals 14. Tactical baton, electric baton,stun rod, etc 15. Picklock 16. Narcotic, psychotropic drugs, prescription drug, drug which has not batch number 17. Antenatal fetal gender authentication 18. Aphrodisiac 19. Online medical service including medical consulting, hypnotic and cosmetic plastic surgery 20. Hacking service associated fittings 21. Malware 22. Certificate or seal illegally published 23. Crowdfunding</p> <p>24. Video chat services 25. Religious network station, publication or associated fittings 26. Online tomb-sweeping service 27. Selling personal information (such as ID card info) 28. Spy equipment and accessories 29. Services or products that violate personal privacy(such as online activity monitoring) 30. Pyramid selling and multi-level marketing 31. Gold investment 32. Cash out from alipay 33. Counterfeit coin 34. Illegal sale the financial information(such as bank account, bank card) 35. Stock and shares 36. Mutual fund 37. Insurance products and channel 38. Financial product and services 39. Rebate or cash rebate services 40. Software or products related to financial products and information trading 41. Single-purpose prepaid card(includes gift cards and other stored value cards) 42. Illegal or unregistered fund-raising 43. Online foreign exchange services 44. Financial mutual aid platform 45. Installment service 46. Invoicing transactions in China 47. Trade or sell crypto without approval(such as USDT) 48. Satellite aerial 49. Cultural relics 50. Money transaction or allocation(RMB and Foreign Currencies) 51. Counterfeit or imitation food 52. Online sales of tobacco 53. Firecrackers 54. Base oil 55. Human organs 56. Surrogate motherhood services 57. Fraud services such as surrogate exam-taker, take an exam or essays for somebody 58. State protected animals and plants 59. Smuggled goods 60. Selling event tickets without a permit (for example, tickets to the Olympics the world Expo) 61. Seeds 62. Real estate transaction 63. Charitable organization 64. Auction and service 65. Pawning 66. Lucky draw 67. Sell animals, plants or products with infectious and dangerous diseases 68. Sales of animals, plants or products originating from endemic areas 69. Services or products conducive to unlawful assembly and assembly activities 70. Other illegal products or services 禁止售賣的商品/服務清單: 1. 非法政治產品和出版物 2. 非法政治節目頻道 3. 國家機密檔資料等 4. 色情和低俗的視聽產品,頻道和出版物 5. 色情和低俗的色情服務 6. 賭博 7. 賭博設備及配件 8. 彩票 9. 毒品及相關配件 10. 各種類型的武器(包括匕首,槍支和配件,複製品武器,彈藥和炸藥)軍火武器/槍械及配件,含模擬槍、爆炸物 11. 軍用、警用物品 12. 因犯罪而非法獲得的收益或財產 13. 劇毒物品或危險化學品 14. 甩棍、電棍、電擊棍等其他物品 15. 開鎖工具及配件 16. 麻醉藥品、精神類藥品、處方藥、無批號藥品 17. 胎兒性別鑒定 18. 成人性藥品 19. 線上銷售醫療服務,包括醫療諮詢、催眠、整容整形 20. 駭客攻擊服務或配件 21. 惡意軟體 22. 非法出版的證書或刻章 23. 眾籌 24. 視頻聊天服務 25. 所有宗教網站,出版物或配件 26. 網上公墓及網上祭祀等服務 27. 銷售個人信息(例如身份證信息) 28. 間諜器材及配件 29. 侵犯個人隱私的服務或產品(例如在線活動監控) 30. 傳銷及多層次營銷 31. 黃金投資 32. 支付寶賬戶套現 33. 假幣 34. 非法出售財務信息(例如銀行帳戶,銀行卡) 35. 股票和證券 36. 共同基金 37. 保險產品和平台 38. 金融產品和服務 39. 返利或現金回贈服務 40. 與金融產品和信息交易有關的軟件或產品 41. 單用途預付卡(包括禮品卡和其他儲值卡) 42. 非法或未註冊集資 43. 外匯兌換服務 44. P2P金融互助平臺 45. 分期付款服務 46. 在中華人民共和國境內開出的發票交易 47. 交易或出售未經許可的數字資產(例如USDT) 48. 衛星天線 49. 考古文物 50. 貨幣交易或分配(人民幣和外幣) 51. 假冒或仿製食品 52. 線上銷售煙草 53. 煙花爆竹 54. 原油 55. 人體器官 56. 代孕服務 57. 替考、代考、代寫論文的欺詐服務 58. 國家保護動植物 59. 走私物品 60. 沒有許可證銷售活動門票(例如奧運會或世博會門票) 61. 種子 62. 不動產買賣 63. 慈善組織 64. 拍賣場和服務 65. 典當服務 66. 抽獎 67. 出售具有傳染性和危險性疾病的動植物或產品 68. 出售源自傳染病爆發流行地區的動植物或產品 69. 有助於非法集會的服務或產品及集会活动 70. 其他違法產品或服務
  • How to charge for BITHON? 幣坊如何收費?
    If you post goods on the platform for digital asset payment, transaction, exchange, money transfer and any additional services you request for your account, We may charge you a fee. Please refer to Our Wallet> Settings > Service Fee for details. You may use your digital assets in your wallet or provide them through the platform or other channels that BITHON will notify you from time to time to pay the BITHON fees. 在幣坊平台上刊登商品、進行數字資產支付,交易,兌換,轉帳以及您就帳戶所請求的額外服務,幣坊可能會向您收取費用。詳細收費表請參閱【幣坊錢包】>【設置】>【服務收費】。您可使用自己幣坊錢包內數字資產支付或透過平台所提供、或幣坊不定期通知您的其他管道來支付幣坊費用。
  • Why do I need to verify my identity? 為什麼要進行身份認證?
    We guarantee that we will carefully comply with Know Your Customer and anti-money Laundering laws and regulations and will not knowingly violate the Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering Policy. Within the scope of our reasonable control we will take necessary measures and technology to provide you with safe services, as far as possible to make you free from the loss of money laundering by criminal suspects. Therefore, identity authentication or merchant authentication must be carried out before digital asset withdrawal and transaction amounts over 500 USDT can be used on the platform. 我們保證審慎遵守“了解你的客戶”和反洗錢相關的法律法規且不得故意違反該《了解你的客戶和反洗錢政策》。在我們合理控制的範圍內我們將采取必要的措施和技術為您提供安全的服務,盡可能使您免於遭受犯罪嫌疑人的洗錢行為帶來的損失。因此,若要在幣坊平台上使用進行數字資產提現和交易買賣金額超過500USDT,都必須先進行身份認證或商戶認證。
  • What are the benefits of being an officially certified merchant? 成為官方認證商戶有什麼好處?
    1. Officially certified merchants will display a "certified Merchant" label on their home page, which can increase customer trust. 2. Only officially certified merchants can open store payment codes for customers to scan virtual currency for payment. 3. We will launch more advanced functions for officially certified merchants later to optimize merchant management. 1.官方認證商戶在其店鋪的主頁會顯示一個「商戶認證」標籤,能夠增加顧客信任度。 2.只有官方認證商戶才可以開通門店收款碼讓顧客進行掃碼虛擬貨幣付款。 3. 稍後我們更會推出更多官方認證商戶進階功能,以優化商戶管理。
  • What is the difference between Basic,Identity and Merchant authentication? 基礎認證/個人認證/商戶認證有何分別?
    By accessing each stage of authentication, more advanced functions and benefits can be enjoyed. Basic authentication: - Label for basic account - Buy and sell goods online - Store payments can be made - Exchange function supported - Only USDT top-up withdrawal is supported - Only USDT payments are supported Personal identity authentication: - Label for Personal identity authentication account - Buy and sell goods online - Store payments can be made - Exchange and transfer functions supported - Support top-up and withdrawal of all currencies - Support payment in all types of cryptocurrencies - Advertising is allowed Official Merchant authentication: - Label for Merchant authentication account - Buy and sell goods online - Can make store payment and collection - Exchange and transfer functions supported - Support top-up and withdrawal of all types of cryptocurrencies - Support payment in all types of cryptocurrencies - Advertising with 500 USDT advertising credit 通過各階段的認證,可以獲得更進階的帳戶使用權利。 基礎認證: - 基礎帳戶標籤 - 可在線買賣商品 - 可進行門店付款 - 可使用兌換功能 - 僅支持USDT充值提現 - 僅支持USDT付款 個人身份認證: - 個人身份認證帳戶標籤 - 可在線買賣商品 - 可進行門店付款 - 可使用兌換及轉帳功能 - 支持所有幣種充值提現 - 支持所有幣種付款 - 可進行廣告宣傳 官方商戶認證: - 商戶認證帳戶標籤 - 可在線買賣商品 - 可進行門店付款及收款 - 可使用兌換及轉帳功能 - 支持所有幣種充值提現 - 支持所有幣種付款 - 可進行廣告宣傳 + 500 USDT廣告抵免
  • How does BITHON protect the safety of my digital assets? 幣坊如何保障我的數字資產安全?
    BITHON uses multi-signature cold wallets to save users' digital assets, which can effectively prevent hackers from stealing information. In addition, cash withdrawals require multiple verification procedures, including email, SMS, biometrics and Google verification, to ensure that each operation is performed by the user himself. We also have bank-level ISO27001 international security certification and AML automatic identification system for illegal cryptocurrencies. The system records more than 10,000 illegal wallet addresses, which can effectively prevent "black coins" from flowing into the platform. We recommend that users update their login passwords at least once every 90 days. Keep your user name and password in mind at all times and do not disclose them to others. The staff will never ask for such information from customers. 幣坊採用多重簽名冷錢包方式保存用戶的數字資產,能有效避免黑客盜取資料。另外,用戶提現的時候要需要進行電郵,短信,生物識別和Google驗證等多重驗證,確保每一個操作都是用戶本人所進行。我們更加擁有銀行級別的ISO27001國際安全認證和AML違法加密貨幣自動識別系統,系統記錄了超過1萬個違法錢包地址,能有效防止「黑幣」流入幣坊平台。我們建議用戶每90天至少更改登入密碼一次。也需時刻謹記用戶名稱和密碼,不向他人透露,幣坊的職員絕不會向客戶索取此等資料。
  • What is the process of buying and selling products online and offline at BITHON? 在幣坊進行線上和線下商品買賣的流程是怎樣?
    Offline process: 1. Buyer scans the merchant's receipt code and enters the amount of digital assets to be paid 2. Buyer confirms the order information: Accessing and ensuring the accuracy of order information 3. Payment by the buyer: After payment is made by the buyer, the digital assets will be transferred from the buyer's available balance to the seller's frozen fund. 4. Buyer's Receipt: Upon buyer's receipt, the seller's frozen digital assets will be transferred to its available balance. 5. Refund: You can apply for a refund or cancel the refund before the order is completed. Online process: 1.Sellers create goods: provide details of goods and publish goods 2. Buyer order: Select desired goods and place an order to purchase 3. Seller confirmation order: The seller decides whether to accept an order based on the inventory of goods 4. Buyer makes payment: After order confirmation, buyers are available for payment 5. Delivery: Seller delivers goods to buyer on time 6. Buyer's Receipt: Upon buyer's receipt, the seller's frozen digital assets will be transferred to its available balance 7. Refund: You can apply for refund or cancel refund before the order is completed 線下買賣流程: 1.買家掃描商戶收款碼並輸入支付數字資產的數量 2.買家確認訂單資料:查閱和確保訂單資料準確 3.買家進行付款:買家付款後,數字資產將會從買家的可用餘額轉到賣家的持倉凍結錢包中 4.買家收貨:買家收貨後,賣家的已凍結數字資產將會轉到其可用餘額。 5.退款:在訂單未完成之前,皆可以申請退款和撤銷退款。 ***************************************** 線上買賣流程: 1.賣家創建商品:提供商品詳情和發佈商品 2.買家下單:選擇心儀商品並且下單購買 3.賣家確認訂單:賣家根據商品庫存決定是否接受訂單 4.買家進行付款:訂單確認後,買家可進行付款,數字資產將會從買家的可用餘額轉到賣家的持倉凍結錢包中5.賣家發貨:賣家按時向買家提供商品 6.買家收貨:買家收貨後,賣家的已凍結數字資產將會轉到其可用餘額。 7.退款:在訂單未完成之前,皆可以申請退款和撤銷退款。
  • How does BITHON protect my personal data privacy? 幣坊如何保護我的個人資料私隱?
    BITHON ensures the privacy and confidentiality of your data. We comply with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) and undertake not to resell our data to third parties. All consumer transaction data of merchants and users are encrypted and instantly uploaded to Google and Amazon cloud databases, protected by multiple technologies and requiring specific authorization to access the data. 幣坊確保您的數據隱私和機密性。 我們遵守《香港個人資料(私隱)條例》(第486章),並承諾不會將資料轉售給第三方機構。所有商戶與用戶的消費交易數據,均透過加密並即時上傳到Google和Amazon雲端數據庫,而且受到多重技術保護和需特定授權才能查閱資料。
  • How can I seek help from BITHON? 我可以如何向幣坊尋求協助?
    If you have any need, please seek help through the following official channels. Hotline: +852 5436 5739 WhatsApp: +852 5436 5739 Email: Office hours: Monday to Friday 10:00-19:00 (Closed on Public holiday) Please provide us with as many details as possible for our investigation. Customer Service team will contact you directly through secure email or telephone communication channels and provide maximum assistance. 如有需要,請透過以下的幣坊官方渠道尋求幫助。 · 電話熱線: +852 5436 5739 · WhatsApp: +852 5436 5739 · 電郵地址: 辦公時間: 星期一至五 10:00 – 19:00 (公眾假期休息) 請盡可能提供最多的細節以供我們調查。客戶服務專員將會透過安全的電郵或電話通訊渠道直接與您聯絡,並提供最大的協助。
  • What circumstances will lead my account to be blocked or frozen? 什麼情況下我的帳戶會被封鎖或凍結?
    Users may have their accounts blocked or frozen if they are found to be in violation of our user rules or security rules. Common situations: - Selling prohibited goods or services on The exchange (please check the list of goods that cannot be sold on the Exchange) - Advertisements placed on the platform of BITHON contain contents that spread hatred, pornography, violence or other undesirable ideologies - Some suspicious transactions of unknown origin have been found - Any other behavior that may violate BITHON's user rules or safety rules If the user's account is blocked or frozen, please contact our customer service team as soon as possible. Our customer service team will contact you directly through secure email or telephone channels to provide maximum assistance. 如發現用家的帳戶違反幣坊的用戶規條或安全守則,則有機會被封鎖或凍結。 常見的情況: - 於幣坊上售賣被禁止的商品或服務 (相關清單請查閱 有什麼商品是不能在幣坊上售賣的) - 於幣坊平台上投放的廣告帶有散播仇恨、色情、暴力或其他不良意識的內容 - 發現用戶存在一些不明來歷的可疑交易 - 其他可能違反幣坊的用戶規條或安全守則的行為 如用家的帳戶被封鎖或凍結,請盡快聯絡幣坊的客戶服務專員。我們的客戶服務專員將會透過安全的電郵或電話通訊渠道直接與您聯絡,並提供最大的協助。
  • What types of cryptocurrencies and block chain main network types are supported by BITHON? 幣坊支援哪些加密貨幣種類和區塊鏈主網類型?
    Our supported types of cryptocurrencies include BTC, ETH. USDT, and USDC Our supported types of block chain main network include BTC, ERC20, and TRC20 我們支援的加密貨幣種類包括BTC, ETH, USDT 和 USDC 我們支援的區塊鏈主網類型包括 BTC, ERC20 和 TRC20
  • What should I do if I am deceived by the sellers or buyers in BITHON? 如我在幣坊遭受其他賣家或買家欺騙,我該處理?
    If you are deceived by the sellers or buyers in BITHON, please contact BITHON customer services team as soon as possible. Our customer service team will contact you directly through secure email or telephone channels to provide maximum assistance. Hotline: +852 5436 5739 WhatsApp: +852 5436 5739 Email: Office hours: Monday to Friday 10:00-19:00 (Closed on Public holiday) 如遇上任何詐騙行為,請盡快聯絡幣坊的客戶服務專員。我們的客戶服務專員將會透過安全的電郵或電話通訊渠道直接與您聯絡,並提供最大的協助。 · 電話熱線: +852 5436 5739 · WhatsApp: +852 5436 5739 · 電郵地址: 辦公時間: 星期一至五 10:00 – 19:00 (公眾假期休息)
  • What should I do if I forget or want to reset my login password? 如果我忘記了登入密碼或者想要更改密碼,我可以怎樣做?
    If user forget your password, you can click [forget password] in the login page and the follow the guidelines to reset the login password. If user has already login BITHON and wants to reset the password, you can click [Safety] in BITHON wallet and then click [reset login password] to follow the guidelines. 如用家忘記密碼,可於登入版面點選[忘記密碼],並按照相關指示進行更改密碼的流程。 如用家已登入幣坊程式並想要更加密碼,可於幣坊錢包的版面點選[安全],然後點選[更改登入密碼],按照相關指示進行更改密碼的流程。
  • How can I log in if I forget my mobile security code or lose my device? 如忘記流動保安編碼或遺失裝置,如何登入?
    If you forget your mobile security code or lose your device, you can try other two-factor authentication methods such as biometric authentication, Google authentication, SMS authentication and email authentication to re-log into your BITHON account. Please also contact the customer service staff to help you update your security authentication as soon as possible. 如果用家遺忘了流動保安編碼或遺失了裝置,可嘗試使用其他雙重因素認證方法,例如生物識別認證、Google 驗證器、手機SMS驗證和電郵驗證來重新登入幣坊帳戶,並聯絡客戶服務員協助你儘快更新安全驗證。
  • How would BITHON handle my violation report? 幣坊會如何處理我的違規舉報?
    Upon receipt of a violation report, our customer Service specialist will handle it and follow up within 5 working days and may contact you directly for enquiries. Please provide us with as many details as possible for our investigation. The Customer Service Officer will only contact you directly through secure email or telephone communication channels and will provide maximum assistance. Hotline: +852 5436 5739 WhatsApp: +852 5436 5739 Email: Office hours: Monday to Friday 10:00-19:00 (Closed on Public holiday) 收到用戶的違規舉報後,我們的客戶服務專員會在5個工作天內處理及跟進,並可能與你直接聯絡作出查詢。請盡可能提供最多的細節以供我們調查。客戶服務專員只會透過安全的電郵或電話通訊渠道直接與您聯絡,並提供最大的協助。 · 電話熱線: +852 5436 5739 · WhatsApp: +852 5436 5739 · 電郵地址: 辦公時間: 星期一至五 10:00 – 19:00 (公眾假期休息)
  • Does the interest return of saving plan remain unchanged? 登月理財的利息回報是否固定不變?
    The interest rate of saving plan might be adjusted based on various factors, such as the actual business situation of our company and market trend. Regarding the created saving order, its interest rate will remain unchanged until the expired date of the order. Furthermore, if the user cancels the saving plan before the expected expiring date, related interest return will not be given. 登月理財的利息回報率是會根據公司業務營運狀況,市場變化等多方面因素而不時作出上下調整。但對於已經創建的儲蓄訂單,其回報率是不變的,直到訂單到期完結為止。另外,若用戶於登月理財儲蓄訂單的到期日之前提早取消訂單,則無法獲得相關的利息回報。
  • Why are my digital assets frozen? 什麼情況下我的數字資產會被持倉凍結?
    1.Savings plan: During a savings plan, the digital assets saved will be temporarily frozen and will not be returned to the available balance until the savings plan is due and received. 2. Uncompleted orders: Any crypto received by the seller from the buyer will be temporarily frozen until the order is completed and the money will be returned to the available balance. 3. Advertising: The advertising expenses paid by users when creating advertisements will be temporarily frozen and will not be directly deducted until our approval. If the approval is not approved, it will be returned to the available balance. 4. Deposit: If the source address of the account is detected as an illegal address by the AML system, the digital assets charged will have the opportunity to be immediately frozen for investigation. 5. Improper use: If we find that a user uses the platform to conduct illegal and criminal activities, and the user's behavior seriously affects other users or the normal operation of the platform, etc., BITHON has the right to freeze the account for investigation. 1.儲蓄理財:進行儲蓄計劃時,所儲蓄的數字資產將會暫時被持倉凍結,直到儲蓄計劃到期領取後才會退回到可用餘額。 2.未完成訂單:賣家所收到的買家款項會被暫時持倉凍結,直到訂單完成後,有關款項會退回到可用餘額。 3.廣告宣傳:用戶創建廣告時所支付的廣告費用會被暫時持倉凍結,直到我們審批通過後,就會直接扣除。如審批不通過,就會退回到可用餘額。 4.資產充值:帳戶充值時的來源地址被AML系統偵測為違法地址,則所充值的數字資產將有機會即時被持倉凍結調查。 5.不當使用:如我們發現用戶使用幣坊平台進行違法犯罪活動,用戶行為嚴重影響其他用戶或幣坊正常營運等,幣坊有權凍結帳戶進行調查。
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