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Wanna work in a startup industry? Tired of the drudgery of a big company? Wanna learn more about how cryptocurrency payment works? Want to explore the future in digital assets? No matter your work experience, education, background, or personality, you will collaborate, inspire and challenge other innovators.

BITHON is dedicated to cultivating all-round management talents and discovering talented technical personnel, gradually learning and exploring, and achieving greater self. We do our best to shape the future of startups, and we believe our team can create a homegrown unicorn. Today you may be small, but tomorrow you will be great. Please don't hesitate to join us!


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手機程式開發員 App Developer


  • Responsible for BITHON platform system routine maintenance, new function research and development, security protection, background management, etc

  • Monthly salary:HKD $15K-20K

  • Working hrs: Mon to Fri 10:00-19:00

  • ​Bachelor degree or above

  • ​Programming experience is preferred

  • Hardworking and able to work independently

Marketing _Monochromatic.png

銷售及市場部經理/培訓生 Sales and Marketing Manager/Trainee


  • Responsible for developing and implementing advertising strategy, customer management and follow-up, discovering new customers, participating in company decision-making, daily paperwork, etc

  • Monthly salary:HKD $12K-15K

  • Working hrs: Mon to Fri 10:00-19:00

  • ​Bachelor degree or above

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Team work_Two Color.png

Challenging work

Time_Two Color.png

Flex working time

Career _Two Color.png

Good ladder

Analytics team_Two Color.png

Relaxed environment

Brainstorming session _Two Color.png

Respect the innovation

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